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Make BRA-va art!

Help us support the thousands of people who have a mastectomy each year because of breast cancer.

BRA-va art uses the free app Strava when you  exercise to draw GPS ‘art' to promote Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day (16th October, 2024).

There’s no fundraising, just fun raising!

Want to see how it's done? Follow @bravaartoffical on Instagram.

Why is BRA Day important?

I talk to Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon,
Dr Joe Dusseldorp (FRACS), about the three main reconstruction options available after a mastectomy, and why it's important to raise awareness of the different choices so that people can make an informed and shared decision about what's right for them with their medical team .

I’m on a mission to put BRA Day (Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day) on the map!


In 2019 I had a DIEP flap reconstruction, when tissue was taken from my abdomen and used to reconstruct my breast. Hearing about my reconstruction options after my of breast cancer diagnosis gave me hope that I could be ‘me’ again after my treatment.

I want people who are facing the difficult decision to have a mastectomy to know that there are reconstruction options that they can talk to their team about, so that they can make an informed decision about what's right for them.

Walks around Sydney Harbour helped me recover from my surgeries, and I’ve brought together my love of walking with my passion for awareness raising to devise BRA-va Art - GPS 'art' made while exercising using the free app Strava - to draw attention to BRA Day!

  • Do it

  • Map it

  • Share it

  • Tag it!

That's it! No fund-raising, just fun raising.

On your marks ... get set to make BRA-va art!

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